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At Urbi & Orbi, le hub, we come from not only a wide variety of backgrounds – from corporate and financial communications to marketing and translation – but also from a wide variety of sectors – from the automotive industry to energy and food processing.

With teams in Paris and San Francisco, we are dedicated to supporting you in all of your editorial communications activities. We audit your ecosystem, help set up a solid editorial strategy that reflects your objectives, create content that makes your brand really stand out… and then translate it!

More than a method, our philosophy

Editorial Support

From the auditing of your ecosystem to the creation of your content strategy, implementation of an editorial line and help scheduling your productions – we offer you daily support to ensure you make the most of effective communication and show your brand in the best light.

We help you set up a strategy that serves your objectives, streamlines your communications and strengthens your brand message.

Because an effective content strategy is the backbone of your editorial communications and now more than ever essential for ensuring your message is consistentand heard by your target audiences.

Content Creation

Storytelling, deciphering and winning your audience over… At Urbi & Orbi, le hub, we love writing. We love the words that we tirelessly assemble in order to create meaning that captures your audience’s attention and tells your brand’s story. Online and offline, we have honed our skills in all types of writing. Our creations are human, inviting and full of life. Our digital content, for its part, is “humanoid” thanks to the care we take over SEO, or natural referencing, in order to increase your notoriety and visibility.

Internet articles, company intranets, newsletters, internal magazines and corporate brochures… you can count on us for all of your editorial needs!


In the age of globalization, translation is a key element in any communications strategy. As long as it isn’t word for word! This means translating the conceptbehind the text and making expert use of the target language.

This is what makes Urbi & Orbi, le hub stand out from its competitors. We surround ourselves with professionals who translate meaning and produce content that is carefully thought-out and faithful to your message!

Translation of digital content for the internet, intranets and newsletters, as well as print translation for your internal magazines, and annual and financial reports – we offer our clients that little extra, meaning you can trust us with the production of all of your content, from A to Z.


Tell us about your project, we will be happy to look into it!