Urbi & Orbi, le hub is built for flexibility and agility, around a light and adaptable structure. We collaborate with a network of independent experts from a variety of backgrounds to unfold our content strategy advice into real-world projects and offer our clients tailor-made, end-to-end services.

We combine the know-how and aesthetic sensibility of art directors, graphic designers, copywriters, translators, web and UX designers with our strategic skills to build print and digital content that will stand out in a saturated information landscape.

Our expertise

The independence and varied backgrounds of our editorial and visual experts is the source of our endlessly-renewed creativity.

Content strategy

  • Editorial identity & positioning
  • Editorial guidelines
  • Communication plans

Editorial creation

  • Copywriting

  • Rewriting

  • Translation/Editing/Proofreading

Graphic design

  • Print & digital media
  • Infographics, illustrations
  • Photo & video content

Case studies

A healthy dose of attention, a handful of creativity, and a sprinkle of audacity in all our creations:
3 projects in the spotlight

For SACEM, designing a sector study brochure

Turning figures and tables into attractive pieces of graphic design to promote this 124-page sector study was the highlight of our collaboration with Sacem. In addition to handling the entire art direction and graphic design for this project, we prepared the brochure’s flat plan with the content we’d been provided, which we also rewrote to give the final product a harmonized tone of voice.

Experts involved:

# Editorial director
# Copywriter
# Art director
# Graphic designer
# Proofreader

For TOTAL, promoting an in-house webinar

Making this service stand out in the company’s continuous internal communication flow was our ultimate goal. We therefore decided to set up a long-term multi-channel communication campaign to make a lasting impression. This included the broadcast of a teaser video in the elevators along with a poster campaign in the office hall followed 3 days later by the publication of a long form on the Intranet and the launch of the Yammer page that was created to continue the conversation after the communication campaign had ended.

Deliverables (French/English):

# 1 poster (print+digital)
# 7 short videos (1’30)
# 1 long form article
# Editorial guidelines for content production on Yammer, editorial planning for one half-year and drafting of the first 10 posts

For AXA, translating the corporate website's evergreen content

AXA wanted to have their corporate content translated with one goal in mind: French content that is faithful to the original English texts while remaining perfectly legible and in line with their tone of voice.

We achieved this through a holistic approach based on interpreting the texts and producing new content, rather than merely translating word-for-word. When it comes to translation, our philosophy is firmly in line with George Steiner’s: to convey an author’s “true meaning”, the translator must become a writer himself.

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